2019 edition of World Turtle Day (WTD)

The World Turtle Day (WTD) is observed every year on May 23 across the world to bring attention to, and increase knowledge of and respect for, turtles and tortoises, and encourage human action to help them survive and thrive. This year, in 2019, the India Biodiversity Portal (IBP) initiated a ‘Turtle Spotting Week’ as part of a unique exercise to document the creatures across India. The initiative aims to gather information about India’s freshwater turtles and tortoises. Anyone who has an interest in Indian Freshwater Turtles and Tortoises can participate in the first edition of the Turtle Spotting Week 2019 (May 17 to May 23) and contribute by photographing, documenting and submitting observations of turtles and tortoises that they have observed around their neighbourhood, backyard water body or on wildlife trips.

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