Quiz 600: GK & Current Affairs 2012 for All Examinations

1. Which among the following is correct in context with the Brown ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) ? [A]ATMs owned by Foreign Companies [B]ATMs not owned by banks but by private ATM service providers. [C]Outsourced ATM Service by Banks – The ATM named under a brand sponsor bank but ATM machine not owned by the Bank

Quiz 599: General Knowledge 2012

1. India selected the French Fighter Rafale in a $10.2 bn deal in 2012 over 5 other contenders. After the down-selecting India narrowed down to two, one was French Fighter Rafale which was the other one ? [A]Boeing [B]Lockheed Matin [C]Cassadian (formerly EADS) [D]MiG 35 Cassadian (formerly EADS) Show Answer 2. The First Chairperson of

Quiz 598: GK for Bank PO Examinations 2012

1. RBI revision of Repo/Reverse Repo rate by 10 basis points implies, which among the following fractions: [A]1% [B]100% [C]10% [D]0.10% 0.10% Show Answer 2. In 2011, only 4 countries were Polio-endemic, down from more than 125 in 1998. Three of them were India, Pakistan, Afghanistan. Identify the fourth country from the given options: [A]Nigeria

Quiz 597: Current General Knowledge

1. Which is not correct with respect to Goods and Service Tax in India? [A]Tax revenues shared between the Centre and State [B]Exports will be zero rated [C]Imports will be zero rated [D]It will be on the basis of tax on value addition Imports will be zero rated Show Answer 2. Tax in India proceeds

Quiz 596: General Knowledge & Current Affairs February 2012

1. As per the Model Code of Conduct for the guidance of Political Parties and Candidates by Election Commission of India they can’t hold public meetings during the period of _____ hours ending with the hour fixed for the close of the poll. [A]12 [B]24 [C]36 [D]48 48 All parties and candidates shall avoid scrupulously

Quiz 594: Current Affairs February 8-11, 2012

1. Who amongst them is the Indian envoy sent by India to Maldives to assess the Maldives situation? [A]Ms. Nirupama Rao [B]Mr. M. Ganapathi [C]Mr. Rakesh Sood [D]Mr. Jaimini Bhagwati Mr. M. Ganapathi India evinced desire that the upheaval in Maldives can be adjudicated via passive dialogue. Thus India to utilize its influence in this

Quiz 593: Current General Knowledge for All Examinations

1. Who is the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights? [A] Jose Arce [B] H.V. Evatt [C] Navanethem Navi Pillay [D] None of them Navanethem Navi Pillay, The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Ms. Navanethem Navi Pillay recently demanded instant measures to arrest the growth of violence in Syria. Show Answer 2.

Quiz 592: Current Affairs – February 1-8 2012 for Banking Examinations

1. The premises of India’s Finance Ministry are also known as ___? [A]North Block [B]South Block [C]East Block [D]South Block North Block Show Answer 2. Nobel Laureate Wislawa Szymborska , who recently died was a ____? [A]Scientist [B]Economist [C]Poet [D]Dramatist Poet Show Answer 3. In India, Banks can accept interest free deposits in ___ 1.