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GK for RAS Examination

1. The area in the vicinity of which among the following was earlier known as “Jangal Desh”? [A]Jodhpur & Bikaner [B]Bharatpur & Alwar [C]Nagaur & Sikar [D]Jaipur & Ajmer Jodhpur & Bikaner Show Answer 2. The “Manmori Incription” has been a source of knowledge about history of which among the following areas of Rajasthan? [A]Mount ..

Quiz 600: GK Questions & GK Questions for All Examinations

1. What fraction of Body’s calcium is stored in Bones and teeth? [A] 85%[B] 90%[C] 94%[D] 99% Show Answer Correct Answer: D [99%] 2. Which among the following is a Plurinational State officially ? [A] Peru[B] Chile[C] Bolivia[D] Brazil Show Answer Correct Answer: C [Bolivia] 3. Consider the following statements:  All kinds of Development Banks ..

Quiz 599: General Knowledge Questions

1. Industrial Licensing was finally abolished in India in which of the following years ? [A] 1990[B] 1991[C] 1992[D] 1995 Show Answer Correct Answer: B [1991] 2. Which among the following was the first Indian product to have got Protected Geographic Indicator? [A] Indian Rubber[B] Basmati Rice[C] Malabar Coffee[D] Darjeeling tea Show Answer Correct Answer: ..

Quiz 598: GK Questions for Bank PO Examinations

1. The Hydroponics is most closely related to which among the following? [A] Grafting of Plants[B] Water conservation[C] Study of Vegetable[D] Soilless culture of Plants Show Answer Correct Answer: D [Soilless culture of Plants] 2. Liquidity Adjustment Facility (LAF) is used by RBI to bring changes in which of the following?  CRR and SLR Repo ..

Quiz 597: Current General Knowledge Questions

1. From which of the following countries India does NOT import Uranium? [A] Kazakhstan[B] Namibia[C] Brazil[D] Mongolia Show Answer Correct Answer: C [Brazil] 2. What has been the maximum number of candidates in any constituency in India at any election so far? [A] 133[B] 333[C] 533[D] 1033 Show Answer Correct Answer: D [1033] Notes:In Modakurichi ..

Quiz 596: General Knowledge Questions & GK Questions February

1. As per the Model Code of Conduct for the guidance of Political Parties and Candidates by Election Commission of India they can’t hold public meetings during the period of _____ hours ending with the hour fixed for the close of the poll. [A] 12[B] 24[C] 36[D] 48 Show Answer Correct Answer: D [48] 2. ..

Quiz 595: GK Questions for IBPS, Bank PO, Bank Clerical & All other examinations

1. On which of the following dates, the amplitude of the tides would be maximum? [A] January 3, New Moon[B] January 3, Moon in second quarter[C] July 6, Full Moon[D] December 21, New moon Show Answer Correct Answer: A [January 3, New Moon] 2. Which among the following is the correct definition of Tidal Flat? ..

Quiz 594: GK Questions Competitions

1. Which among the following is the only landlocked country in ASEAN? [A] Thailand[B] Laos[C] Vietnam[D] Cambodia Show Answer Correct Answer: B [Laos] 2. Bring out the only incorrect statement: [A] Kaveri is the longest river of Tamil Nadu[B] India is the second largest producer of Chillies after China[C] Regulating act 1773 established a supreme ..