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Quiz 565: General Awareness Questions

12345678910 1). Which state government has launched Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) project to promote organic farming? Punjab Himachal Pradesh West Bengal Assam 2). What do we call an arrangement whereby an issuing Bank at ..

Quiz 564: General Science

12345678910 1). Consider the following statements in context with the motion of the Sunflowers in response to Sun’s movement (Heliotropism): The Phenomenon is more pronounced in grown up flowers in comparison to young buds The ..

Quiz 563: General Awareness Questions

12345678910 1). The name of which of the following women is known for working in close association with Chadra Shekhar Aazad in the famous Kakori train dacoity? Raj Kumari Gupta Kusum Agraval Prakashvati Yakshapal Basanti ..

Quiz 562: General Awareness Questions for All Exams

12345678910 1). The Gram Positive Bacteria can be identified by the Gram staining because of the following reasons? The cell walls have more lipids compared to peptidoglycan The Cells walls have more Peptidoglycan compared to ..

Quiz 561: GK Questions and Indian Economy

12345678910 1). Which among the following treaty founded the Euro Currency? Maastricht Treaty Merger Treaty Amsterdam Treaty Lisbon Treaty 2). The Reserve Bank of India has introduced a new facility via which the banks can ..