GKToday Archives: May, 2010

Variables of Segmentation: Consumer Markets

There are two types of the markets- consumer markets and industrial market. Consumer markets are those markets where the ultimate consumers for their personal use purchase the products. In Industrial markets, the goods and services are purchased for use directly ..

A Marketer’s Questions on Segmentation Analysis

Market segmentation makes it possible for a firm to best utilize its available resources. It needs intensive marketing research. Once it is decided to go for market segmentation, there are lists of questions, which must be answered. The examples of ..

Quiz 391: General Knowledge For All Examinations

1. Nobel laureate Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, is related to which of the following branches of science? Cosmology Physiochemistry Biotechnology Astrophysics 2. Which of the following states has largest coastline? Gujarat Andhra Pradesh Maharastra Tamilnadu 3. In which of the following war ..

Understanding Market Segmentation

A market segment is a subset that fits with other subsets to constitute a whole market. A market is composed of people, consumers, institutions, firms with needs & wants backed by sufficient purchasing power and willingness to buy. Markets are ..

Economical Factors Affecting Buyer’s Behavior:

A need when identifies an object to fulfill that need becomes a want. A want backed by a buying power becomes a demand. A demand leads the person to make a purchasing decision, which is duly affected by the economic ..

Personal Factors Affecting Buyer’s Behavior

Consumer behavior is also affected by internal factors such as personal & inter-personal factors. Each individual has his own set of unique needs, motives, perceptions, attitudes, learning and self concepts, to buying decisions. Individual purchase decisions are driven by the ..