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Quiz 327 : Indian History for State Executive and Civil Services Examinations

1.Under whom, the first Law commission was constituted to codify and improve upon various rules and regulations prevalent in India ?(A)Lord Cornwallis(B)Lord Macaulay(C)Lord Minto(D)William Bentinck(E)None of them 2.Discovery of Brazil was one of the prominent reasons of decline of which of the following forces in India?(A)Portuguese(B)French(C)Dutch(D)English(E)None of them 3.In which of the following colonies of […]

Quiz 323 : Current Affairs January 2010 For All Examinations

1.In which of the following states is located Biligiriranga Temple Wildlife Sanctuary ?(A)Tamil Nadu(B)Karnataka(C)West Bengal(D)Kerala(E)Himachal Pradesh 2.Which among the following is called financial back bone of Indian Power Sector?(A)Powergrid Corporation of India Ltd.(B)Power Finance Corporation(C)Damodar Valley Corporation(D)Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam Ltd.(E)None of them 3.Recently former Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Chairman G Madhavan Nair was […]

Quiz 322: Gereral Science for Civil Services and State Public Services Exams General Studies

1.Lepidopterology is a branch of biology, which deals with the following?(A)Ferns(B)animals in stagnant waters(C)Lipids and Fats(D)Moths & Butterflies(E)Bats 2.Which among the following is correct about Viruses?(A)They can have DNA only(B)They can have RNA only(C)They can have both DNA & RNA(D)They can have either DNA or RNA(E)They can have neither DNA nor RNA 3.In which of […]

Quiz 321: General Socio-Economic Awareness for Bank PO Examinations

1.Which among the following phrases generally denotes National Income?(A)Gross National Product at Market Prices(B)Net National Product at Market Prices(C)Gross National Product at Factor Cost(D)Net National Product at Factor Cost(E)None of them 2.If a commodity has more number of substitutes, the demand for this commodity will be _______?(A)more elastic(B)less elastic(C)inelastic(D)perfectly elastic(E)no impact on demand 3.With which […]

Quiz 320: General Knowledge World: For All Examinations

1.Which among the following territories was earlier known as Formosa?(A)Hong Kong(B)Taiwan(C)Uzbekistan(D)Kazakhstan(E)Lebanon 2. Which among the following accord is known to led the formation of Palestinian Authority?(A)Oslo Accords(B)Camp David Accords(C)Sharm el-Sheikh Memorandum(D)London Agreement(E)None of them 3.In context with the Vietnam War, the following statements holds correct?(A)The US backed North Vietnam side and USSR was neutral(B)The US […]

Quiz 319: India’s Finance, Business & Economy for Forthcoming Bank PO Examinations

1.Which among the following management institutes of India has featured among top 20 for last 3 years in the Best Global Business Schools a ranking done by Financial Times, London?(A)Indian Institute of Management, Ahamedabad(B)Indian School of Business, Hyderabad(C)Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow(D)Faculty of Management studies, Delhi University(E)None of them 2.In context with the financial markets […]

Quiz 318 : Ancient Indian History For General Studies Civil Services Examination

1.Which among the following work was originally called Jaya Kavya?(A)Ramayan(B)Mahabharata(C)Aitreya Brahaman(D)Manu Smriti(E)yajnavalkya Samhita 2.Which among the following Buddhist work is written in Sanskrit?(A)Mahavamsha(B)Deepavamsha(C)Divyadan(D)Milinda Panho(E)Anguttar Nikaya 3.Which among the following is not a Jain Text ?(A)Acganarang Sutta(B)Bhagwati Sutta(C)Utar Puran(D)Manjushri Moolkalpa(E)Parishista Parva 4.What is the number of Richas in Rigveda?(A)1810(B)731(C)5839(D)10580(E)11259 5.Vajasneya belongs to the following Veda?(A)Yajurveda(B)Atharvaveda(C)Sama Veda(D)Rigveda(E)None […]

Quiz 317 : Bank PO Special

Note: On January 29, 2010 RBI will present quarterly review of the monetary policy. This quiz presents some questions on macroeconomics & banking topics. Aspirants are suggested to clear the fundamental topics related to RBI’s monetary policy and current banking scenario. We shall follow up the policy in our daily updates. ******* 1.Consider the following: […]

Quiz 316 : India’s Business & Economy For Banking and Management Entrance Examinations

1.Bring out the incorrectly matched pair:(A)Lawrence J Ellison – Oracle(B)Ray R Irani -Occidental Petroleum(C)EOG Resources – Mark G Papa(D)Hugh Grant – Monsanto(E)All correctly matched 2.The CEO of which of the following Giants is a Woman?(A)Gazprom(B)Cisco(C)Xerox(D) Electronics 3.Consider the following implications of National Policy on Biofules which was recently given cabinet node?1. Its gives clarity on […]

Quiz 315 : General Knowledge Basic For All Examinations

1.Where is located the Sidi Bashir Mosque?(A)Delhi(B)Ahmedabad(C)Mumbai(D)Chennai(E)Agra 2.Nipponzon Myohoji Buddhist temple or commonly called Peace Pagoda or Shanti Stupa was established by who among the following? (A)Fuji Guru(B)Mahatma Gandhi(C)Ashoka the Great(D)King Devanampiyatissa (E)None of the above 3.What does APJ in stands for in name of our former president APJ Abdul Kalam?(A)Avul Pakir Jaffer(B)Abdul Pakir Jainulandeen(C)Avul […]