11 July: World Population Day observed

World Population Day is observed every year across the world on 11 July. Its observance is aimed to shift focus towards urgency and significance of issues related to population.

About World Population Day

Background:  The World Population Day was established by the Governing Council of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in 1989.

Why 11 July? It was inspired by public interest in Five Billion Day on 11 July 1987. It is the approximate date on which world’s population reached 5 billion people.

Celebration: WPD is being celebrated for over three decades (30 years). It is meant to raise awareness about solutions related to issues of growing population. On occasion of day UN’s Population Division works closely with agencies, programmes, funds, and various other bodies to execute several programmes on population.

Objective: To focus attention on consequences of increasing population and how it affects overall development plans and programmes.

Why Population a worry?

According to United Nation, every year about 83 million people are added to world’s population and by 2030. With this pace the world population is expected to reach 8.6 billion mark.

One of the greatest consequences of growing population is that it possess a threat to our livelihood and quick depletion of natural resources. This is dangerous as it hampers Sustainable Development.

10 Most Populous Countries in the World

  1. China remains most populous country in world- with 1.4 billion inhabitants (18% of world population)
  2. India with 1.3 billion inhabitants (17.7% of world population)
  3. United States (329 Million) is the 3rd most populous country
  4. Indonesia (269 million)
  5. Brazil (212 million)
  6. Pakistan (204 million)
  7. Nigeria (200 million)
  8. Bangladesh (168 million)
  9. Russia (143 million)
  10. Mexico (132 million)

NOTE: Together India and China account for 2.79 billion people or 36.15% of world population.


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