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EVIN: India’s Plan to store COVID-19 Vaccines

The Government of India has started to identify private facilities and government facilities to create a hub to store COVID-19 vaccines. India is under the plan of rolling out multiple vaccines for COVID-19. The Government of India is to use the Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network (EVIN) to store the vaccine. Highlights The Government is making ..

National Wildlife Week, 2020

Every year National Wildlife Week is celebrated in India between October 2nd and October 8th. It is being celebrated since 1954. The main objective of celebrating the day is to save the lives of Indian animals by taking critical steps. The week is celebrated under the following theme Theme: RoaR (Roar and Revive) – Exploring ..

India’s first snow leopard conservation centre to be set up in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is going to develop India’s first Snow Leopard Conservation Centre in Uttarkashi forests. This centre will be developed by the Uttarakhand Forest Department along with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Objective The main objective of this park is conservation, restoration of Himalayan ecosystems and creating livelihood. It will be responsible for the conservation ..

India-UN Development Partnership Fund supports projects to respond to COVID-19

The India-United Nations Development Partnership Fund is supporting various projects pertaining to the efforts of India to combat the deadly COVID 19 pandemic in the country. The projects are primarily aimed at boosting national healthcare facilities, reducing the risk of transmission of the virus, mitigating socio-economic impact and catalyzing the transformative recovery in the country. ..

“WhatsApp Coronavirus Information Hub” launched

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has recently announced the global launch of “WhatsApp Coronavirus Information Hub” in partnership with the World Health Organization, United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), and the United Nations Development Program. It has also contributed $1m to the Poynter Institute’s International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), to enhance the fact-checking network to curb fake news ..