10 Indian news firms selected for Google News Initiative Funding

Google has selected 87 news organisations from 23 countries for funding under its Global News Initiative (GNI). Of these 87 organisations selected, 10 are from India. The funding aims at helping the organisations in building video capabilities and experiment with new formats for video journalism.

Selected firms from India

The news firms selected from India are Factly, Asianet News Media and Entertainment, NDTV, India Today, Bharatiya Digital Party, Nyooz and Video Volunteers. Google will aid these organisations in expanding newsroom video operations and trying out new ways of reporting news through video from reaching younger audiences online to exploring live and fact-checking formats.

About the Google News Initiative

Google has become a go-to site for getting information about a wide range of topics and Google aims to build a more informed world. This is closely interlinked with reporting of journalists and news organizations. Google search and YouTube are dependent on a healthy ecosystem of publishers producing great digital content. But the growing fake news and rapidly changing business models for journalism has become a challenge to the news industry.
Through the Google News Initiative, Google is partnering with the news industry to address key challenges and to ensure journalism thrives in the digital age. Through this initiative, Google is collaborating with the news industry across products, partnerships, and programs to help build a stronger future for news. The objectives of the Google News Initiative are:

  • Elevate and strengthen quality journalism.
  • Evolve business models to drive sustainable growth.
  • Empower news organizations through technological innovation.

The Google News Initiative will aid the news industry in addressing the shifts in how journalism is created, consumed, and paid for.


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