Fake news

Brazil’s Fake News Law

Brazil’s Congress is considering a regulatory bill that would shift the responsibility of reporting illegal content on their sites onto internet companies. The bill, known as the Fake News Law or Bill 2630, proposes penalties for tech companies that fail ..



Twitter-GOI Crossfire: GOI asks Twitter to Respect Indian Laws

The Indian Government on February 11, 2021 have categorically warned the Social Media platforms from the Rajya Sabha. The government said it will take action against Social Media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, if fake news and violence is spread ..


What is Call-centre ‘drug cartel’ scam?

The Delhi Police Cyber Crime Unit recently arrested fifty-four people for allegedly fleecing Rs 90 crores from 4,500 foreign nations. The victims were told they are facing legal actions as they were being used to pay international drug cartels. The ..


United Nations launches “Team Halo” to counter misinformation around COVID-19 vaccines

On November 17, 2020, the United Nations along with “the Vaccine Confidence Project” of University of London launched “Team Halo”. More than 100 scientists from different parts of the world have come together under the project. Highlights Team Halo aims ..


Facebook Is Preparing for Myanmar’s 2020 Election

Myanmar voters will go to the polls for the second democratic election in the country’s recent history on November 8 2020. So, the political parties and candidates in the Southeast Asian nation will vie for the national and regional leadership ..


Samadhan: A challenge launched by the Ministry of Human Resource Development

On April 7, 2020, the Ministry of Human Resource Development launched “Samadhan”, a challenge to address COVID-19 in the country. The mega online challenge was launched by the Innovative Cell of Ministry of Human Resources Development and AICTE (All India ..