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List of Human Diseases Caused By Bacteria and Viruses

List of Human Disease Caused By Virus & Bacteria

Causing Agent
Infection / Transmission
AIDS Human T -cell Leukemia Virus HTLV-III blood and sperms , thru sexual contact homo or heterosexual)
Ascariasis Ascaris lumbricoides raw vegetables infected with eggs
Athletes' Foot Trichophyton bad foot hygiene
Bacillary Dysentery Shigella Dysenterie flies, food, faeces
Botulism Clostridium botulinum food poisoning
Chickenpox Varicella Virus contact
Cholera Varibrio Cholerae flies, food , faeces, carriers
Common Cold Rhino Virus contact
Dengue Dengue Virus (arbovirus) Aedes Mosquito
Diarrhea Giardia intestinalis contaminated stools
Diphtheria Corynebacterium diptheriae ( Bacteria) contact
Filariasis Wuchereria bancrofti mosquito, infection in lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels
Gonorrhoea Diplococcus ( Neisseria gonorrhoeae) sexual intercourse
Herpes Herps Virus contact
Hook worm disease Ancylostoma Duedenale faiseces and walking barefoot.
Influenza Flu Orthomixovirus contact
kala azar Leishmania Donovani infected sand fly
Leprosy Mycobacterium Leprae Long and close contact
Measles Measles virus (ParaMyxoVirus) contact
Mumps Mumps Virus (Paramyxovirus) contact, virus in saliva spreads
oriental Sore Leishmania Tropica infected sand fly
Pinworm Disease Enterobius Vermicularis caecum ingestion of eggs contaminated food
Plague Yersinia Pestis Rat Flea
Pneumonia Diplococcus pneumoniae bacteria transmission by contact.
Poliomyelitis Polio Virus or Enterovirus houseflies, food and water
Rabies rhabdovirus mad dog bites
Ringworm Microsporum Trichophyton cats and dogs
Septic Sore Throat Streptococcus Bacteria contact
Sleeping Sickness Tryponosoma Brucei reaches lymph nodes via transmission thru fly bites
Smallpox Variola Virus contact
Syphilis Treponema Palladium direct contact mainly sex
TB Mycobacterium tuberculosis Bacteria transmission by cough
Tetanus Clostidium tetani bacteria in soil thru wounds
Typhoid Salmonella Typhi Flies, food etc.
Vaginatis Trichomonas Vaginalis Female Vaginal tracts, Male Urinary Tract both may be infected during coitus
Viral Encephelitis arbovirus mosquito Bite
Whooping cough Hameophilius Pertussis coughing and sneezing
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