Bank PO Study Material

Bank PO Study Material

May 23, 2011

Q+A 4: Banking Exams Based Upon Interview Questions

What is the main function of Competition Commission of India?CCI is an independent body which become operational w.e.f. May 20, 2009 and is responsible for investigating the mergers, market

April 28, 2011

Liquidity Adjustment Facility (LAF)

Liquidity Adjustment Facility Liquidity Adjustment Facility is the primary instrument of Reserve Bank of India for modulating liquidity and transmitting interest rate signals to the market. The Committee for

April 21, 2011

Brief History of Banking in India-1

From the ancient times in India, an indigenous banking system has prevailed. The businessmen called Shroffs, Seths, Sahukars, Mahajans, Chettis etc. had been carrying on the business of banking

April 21, 2011

Brief History of Banking in India: 2

Central Bank of India was dreams come true of Sir Sorabji Pochkhanawala, founder of the Bank. Sir Pherozeshah  Mehta was the first Chairman of this Bank. Many more Indian

April 21, 2011

Brief History of Banking in India -3

The first major step was Nationalization of the Imperial Bank of India in 1955 via State Bank of India Act. State Bank of India was made to act as

April 21, 2011

Cash Reserve Ratio

The Cash Reserve Ratio is the amount of funds that the banks are bound to keep with Reserve bank of India, with reference to the demand and time liabilities

April 21, 2011

First Narasimham Committee

The most important committee was Narasimham Committee on banking Sector Reforms. It was set up in 1991. Please note that there were two Narasimham Committees. Narasimham Committee –I was

April 21, 2011

Understanding Capital Adequacy

We all know that Capital refers to the assets which are capable of generating income and which have themselves been produced. This is one of the four factors of

April 21, 2011

What is CRAR System?

CRAR is the acronym for capital to risk weighted assets ratio, a standard metric to measure balance sheet strength of banks. BASEL I and BASEL II are global capital