World’s first humanoid robot staffed hotel set to open in Japan

World’s first  humanoid robot-staffed hotel is set to open in Nagasaki, Japan in July 2015.
The Henn-na Hotel which means Strange Hotel will be employing Robots as its staff and other advanced technologies in order to significantly reduce operating costs.
The hotel will come up with a Huis Ten Bosch theme park which is named after a town of Netherlands.
Some facts

  • The hotel has been developed by Japan’s Osaka University and its robots are manufactured by the Japanese robotics company Kokoro.
  • This hotel will implement in two phases. In the first phase, the two-story of hotel with 72 rooms will begin its operation in July 2015. While, the second phase will be completed in 2016 with an additional 72 rooms.

Robot employees

  • The hotel will be staffed with actroid androids – which are human-like robots.
  • These robots will function as humans to greet, carry luggage to rooms, make cups of coffee and even smile like. These robots will speak Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English.
  • The hotel will have three robots that will act as receptionists, four service and porter robots, and robots engaged in menial tasks such as cleaning.

Other advanced technologies

  • The hotel has facial-recognition technology to access the Guestroom doors of the hotels. While, Guests will request items through a tablet when needed.
  • It will be not having air-conditioning, instead of it a radiation panel will be used. This panel will detect body heat in rooms and adjust the temperature.
  • Advance solar power and other energy-saving features will be used in order to reduce operating costs.


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