World Toilet Day

Every year, the World Toilet Day is observed on November 19. The day is observed to create awareness about the significance of sanitation. The day was designated by the UN in 2013.

Why is World Toilet Day celebrated?

The World Toilet Day is celebrated to improve public health by increasing hygiene. It mainly targets on achieving Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG – 6) which is “Water and Sanitation for all by 2030”.

What is the theme of World Toilet Day, 2021?

Valuing Toilets

Who established World Toilet Day?

The World Toilet Day was established by the World Toilet Organisation in 2001. Later the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution “Sanitation for All” in 2013. Under this resolution, the UN proclaimed that November 19 will be celebrated as the World Toilet Day.

Who organises World Toilet Day?

The World Toilet Day is organised by UN – Water. The UN – Water operates under United Nations. It coordinates the efforts of international organisations working on water. The UN – Water implements Integrated Water Monitoring Initiative. The initiative is a part of Sustainable Development Goal – 6.

What is the need of World Toilet Day?

Around 3.6% of the global population does not have access to safe sanitation. This is around 50% of the world population. More than 700 children under the age of five die due to diarrhoea caused by unsafe water and poor hygiene. Therefore, it is essential to mark the World Toilet Day and increase the awareness of sanitation and hygiene.

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