World Games, 2021 postponed to avoid clash with Tokyo Olympics

The 2021 World Games that was scheduled to be held in Birmingham, Alabama was postponed to 2022. This is being done to avoid the clash with Tokyo Olympics.


The World Games is held once in four years. It features 32 sports that are not a part of the Olympics. These games were scheduled to be conducted in Birmingham, Alabama. With the Olympics being postponed to July 2021, the world games have been postponed to July 2022.

About the World Games

The World Games had planned to host 3,600 athletes from 100 countries. This included sports such as bowling, martial arts, squash, wheelchair rugby, billiards, etc.

The World Games was first held in 1981. It is an international multi-sport event. The specialty of the games is that it does not contest any of the games that are included in Olympic Games. After the one to be conducted in 2022, the next World Games has been planned in Chengdu in 2025. So far, the World Games has not yet been held in African countries. Even in the US, it was held only in 1981. The games are predominantly conducted in European countries.


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