Why big screen has to bank on small screen for promotion?

The Indian television industry is at its best. The rise in number of channels, the standards of broadcasting, more contemporary themes in daily soaps, more vibrant reality shows, burgeoning celebrity presence, etc. have all contributed to the its transformation. The TV is becoming a complete entertainment package as it presents everything from latest movies, song premiers, comedy shows, reality TV, news and masala news and also top-notch celebrity presence in daily soaps.

Too much promotion

The most noticeable trend is the celebrity promotion of the upcoming movies on small screen. There is apparently nothing wrong but at times it becomes too much to carry. It is not hidden that money rules everywhere and channels must be earning a lot, but still the latter need to draw a line. It is not uncommon to see same movie being promoted on all shows across all major channels. The movie becomes so redundant even before it is aired.

It is basically both the channels and the promotion teams of movies which need to put some thinking into it, rather than blindly sending celebrities to promote on every channel. The question is are the movies losing substance that they need to depend on such heavy promotion tactics? Well, the answer could be both yes and no. We, see the directors even after casting the lead stars are not sure of the selling quotient. Singham Returns- the latest entrant into 100-crore club, is just another example. The movie has strong story, good message, best in class stars, yet the promotions were also seen on the kids channels, ad-sponsors, almost all TV shows etc.

Fading Celebrity Charm

The increased presence has blurred the line and limelight which hitherto was seen between the TV and Cine stars. Initially where the mere presence of a celebrity used to make people glue to a particular show as it was a rarity and a toast to the eye, it has become so mundane, that people actually browse to opt for which show and which celebrity to watch. These celebrities have to add a deliberate element of spice or thrill to catch the public eye and keep them on screen. However, the latter also loses sense when the same spot is so heavily advertised a week in advance, that the joke or stunt has already been chewed and digested by the audience even before the real telecast.

The current trends have definitely proven the rise of Indian television which has now become indispensible for sustenance of Indian Cinema. It is the public who makes or breaks the movies and Indian public is mature enough to see the ones which offer them substantial entertainment and which are just fuelled by hefty promotional ventures and hollow products.