“Whoosh” High-Speed Railway

Indonesian President Joko Widodo officially inaugurated a $7.3 billion high-speed railway connecting Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, with the city of Bandung. This railway, part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, has faced various challenges, including land procurement issues, pandemic-related delays, and increased costs. Despite these setbacks, the project has now been launched, albeit behind its original schedule.

Delayed Inauguration

  • The 142-kilometer (88.23-mile) high-speed railway project, named “Whoosh,” has faced delays and issues since its inception.
  • Originally planned to be operational in 2019, the project’s inauguration has taken place several years behind schedule.

“Whoosh” High-Speed Railway

  • The high-speed railway has been named “Whoosh” to capture the sound of a rushing high-speed train.
  • The maximum operating speed of the train can reach up to 350 kilometers per hour (217 mph), representing a significant modernization of mass transportation with an environmentally friendly focus.

Challenges and Landmarks

  • Challenges in the project included land procurement problems, pandemic-induced disruptions, and rising costs.
  • Despite these hurdles, President Jokowi’s vision for improved infrastructure in Indonesia has culminated in the railway’s inauguration.

Minister’s Announcement

  • It was announced during the launch that free trial rides on the bullet train have been underway since September.
  • Ticket prices are set to be implemented in mid-October, indicating the transition to full commercial operations.

Consortium Collaboration

  • The high-speed railway project was a collaborative effort between Indonesian and Chinese companies.
  • This consortium worked together to construct the railway, highlighting international cooperation in major infrastructure development projects.



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