What is Vaccine Tourism?

Amid the second wave of Covid-19 and mass vaccination programme across the world a term “Vaccine Tourism” is gaining momentum.  Vaccine Tourism has come to limelight after draft of a vaccine tour package by Dubai-based travel agency called ‘Arabian Nights Tours’ for Delhi-Moscow.

About Vaccine Tourism

Vaccine Tourism can be defined as “travelling to different country for sightseeing with an additional benefit of getting the jab there”. The Vaccine tourism package is gaining popularity because many countries have banned travel from India and for Indians because of rising corona cases. Russia is one of few countries which is currently allowing entry to Indians with a negative PCR report.

About the Vaccine Tourism Package

The vaccine tourism package comprises of 20 days accommodation in a hotel, all meals, flights and a few days of sightseeing. Total cost of the package is Rs 1.3 lakh. Countries like Maldives and US are also working on similar programme so as to allow people abroad to get vaccinated during their visit.

Is it illegal to get Covid Vaccine abroad?

Government of India is making all its efforts to ensures that no one has to go abroad to take the jab. It is estimated that, everyone will get their jab by end of 2021. But, there is shortage of vaccines in India currently. As a result, many Indians are wondering if they can go abroad to get the jab. Few countries like US & Russia are allowing vaccination for other residents as well. So, if the air travel is allowed, it will not be illegal to get vaccine aboard.


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