What is the difference in Green Field Projects and Brownfield Projects ?

The Greenfield project means that a work which is not following a prior work. In infrastructure the projects on the unused lands where there is no need to remodel or demolish an existing structure are called Green Field Projects. The projects which are modified or upgraded are called brownfield projects.

Green field investment
  • Building new production facilities in a foreign country.
  • It refers to investment in a manufacturing, office, or other physical company-related structure or group of structures in an area where no previous facilities exist.
Brownfield investment
  • Used for purchasing or leasing existing production facilities to launch a new production activity.



  • Hessam

    Thanks alot..
    Let me know are development projects has known as GF or BF?

  • hi

    What dose “Infrastructure” mean?

  • Shoaib

    Infrastructure (if we talk about it as an engineer) is physical structures and services needed to facilitate a society which included but not limited to (Road networks, bridges, buildings, electricity transmission system, Hydra, thermal & wind power, railways, airports etc, etc….

  • owen mwanza

    hessam am sure its called BF