What are micro LED displays?

The smartphone giant APPLE is shifting towards micro LED. The micro LEDs are self-illuminating diodes. Their colour production and illumination are brighter than organic LEDs. Their energy consumption is less compared to normal LEDs. Apple is planning to use micro LEDs in its future watch models.

What is a micro LED display?

  • It is a flat-panel display. Its pixel elements are made of microscopic LEDs.
  • The main advantage of micro-LED display is greater control of pixel-level light control
  • The lifetime of micro LEDs is greater than the OLED (Organic LED)
  • Higher brightness at reduced risk of screen burning

Working Principle

The micro LED uses Indium Gallium Nitride semiconductors. In micro LEDs, each pixel can be turned ON or turned OFF. This cannot be done with conventional LEDs. Therefore, you get perfect colour control and contrast with micro-LED displays. The life of micro LEDs is longer. They can emit light continuously for more than 100,000 hours. That is, non-stop use for 11 years!

Why are micro LEDs better?

The LCD displays in the market today use LED as backing light and a liquid crystal layer to create the image. The image is created by blocking the light on the crystal wherever required. There are no such complications with micro LEDs. Each and every LED on the screen can be controlled. Therefore, the image resolution is high, response time is less and power consumption is less.




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