WEF’s Global Gender Gap Report 2022

The World Economic Forum recently released its “Gender Gap Report 2022”.

India’s ranking

  • In the report, India was ranked at 135th position, out of 146 countries.
  • It has scored 0.629, on a scale of 0 to 1.
  • This is India’s seventh-highest score in last 16 years.
  • In this report, India registered the most important and positive change in its performance on Economic Participation and Opportunity.
  • However, it performed and ranked lowest on Health and Survival subindex.
  • Political empowerment witnessed a declining score of -0.010, because negligible share of women served as head of state in last 50 years.

Global Gender Gap Score of India

The global gender gap score of India has always ranged between 0.593-0.683, starting from 2006, when index was compiled for the first time. In year 2021, India scored 0.625 and was ranked 140th out of 156 countries. The gender parity score for estimated earned income has improved, because of the fact that it has reduced for men.

Significance of India’s achievement

As per WEF report, India’s achievement will significantly impact the regional rankings, because there are around 662 million females in India. Report notes that, India has witnessed small and insignificant improvement in terms of educational attainment. Labour force participation has reduced for both men and women since 2021.

Ranking of other countries

Iceland has been ranked at first position, followed by Finland and Norway. 6 among the 10 positions have been reserved by European nations like Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden at 5th place, Ireland at 9th and Germany at 10th. New Zealand has been ranked at 4th position, Rwanda at 6th, Nicaragua at 7th and Namibia at 8th.

About Global Gender Gap Index

Global Gender Gap Index records the progress of countries toward gender parity across four key aspects viz., political empowerment, educational attainment, health & survival, and economic participation & opportunity.



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