Vertiplane X3 Drone delivers TB medicines

The Ministry of Health recently conducted a trial of delivering TB medicines in a drone. The trials were conducted in Rishikesh. Traversing through the Himalayas, especially during rainy seasons and winter seasons is challenging and time-consuming. Drones can deliver medicines to hilly regions quickly even during harsh weather conditions.

Drone delivery of TB medicines

The trials of TB medicine delivery using drones were conducted by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences under the supervision of the Health ministry. The trial was successful. The drone delivered 2 kilograms of anti-tubercular drugs to a hospital in Tehri Garhwal from AIIMS.

Future plans

GoI is planning on using drone technology to deliver medicines and also sputum samples to laboratories and eliminate TB by 2025. Further, government hospitals will be encouraged to use this technology to deliver organs for transplantation.

About the drone used in the trials

The drone can carry 4 kilograms. It can traverse 50 km. The drone was designed and built by Tech Eagle Innovations. The drones developed by the same company were used by the Meghalaya government to transport medicines. The Government of Meghalaya set up a drone station in Jengjal. Drones were also used by ICMR to deliver COVID vaccines in Manipur.



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