Verbal Reasoning →Series Completion → Alphabet Series: Question – 21

Find the missing term in the following series:
Z, S, W, O, T, K, Q, G, ?, ?
[A]N, C
[B]N, D
[C]O, C
[D]O, D

N, C
In the above question, the pattern is, the given sequence is a combination of two series :
I. Z, W, T, Q, ?
II. S, O, K, ,G , ?
The pattern in I is
$latex Z\xrightarrow{\text{-3}}W\xrightarrow{\text{-3}} T\xrightarrow{\text{-3}}Q\xrightarrow{\text{-3}} \textcircled{N} $
The pattern in II is
$latex S\xrightarrow{\text{-4}}O\xrightarrow{\text{-4}} K\xrightarrow{\text{-4}}G\xrightarrow{\text{-4}} \textcircled{C} $

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