Why is the problem of water-logging is still bringing havoc to the cities in Punjab?

The cities in Punjab have experienced rapid urbanisation marked by unplanned and rampant new constructions. This huge growth of concrete jungles cut into the green pockets which used to soak the rainwater. Also, the main drainage channels were reduced to dumping grounds. Roads had to be widened to accommodate the growth of traffic spurred by the population boom. It is this encroachment into the natural drainage channels which clogs them during monsoons. There is no town or city in Punjab which is endowed with a complete stormwater drainage system which is network of channels which are instrumental in draining rainwater and wastewater. This typically means the creation of an infrastructure of underground water pipes to create proper channel for the rainwater to reach rivers. Thus such logging issues can be improved by making various improvements in the infrastructure and proper engineering designs of flyovers, bridges and other metro projects. Further systems of rainwater storage should be done.


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