Why air links have shrunk in recent times from the north-eastern regions of India?

The new foundation stone for the first civilian airport in Arunachal Pradesh has been laid very recently. Meanwhile, several airline flight operators decided to suspend their operation in the adverse northeastern region. The flagship program of the government of India, Ude Desh ka Aam Naagrik (UDAN) has stalled.


  • The topographical features in the northeastern region are extremely adverse to continue the flight operation.
  • The route became non-viable because of the fuel price hike.
  • Concerns regarding safety, maintenance, and viability.
  • The road and rail connectivity has improved in the past two years.


  • The passenger volume has increased significantly in the last five-six years but the sudden cessation of air travel services may create more burden to road and rail transport.
  • The northeastern region is enriched with ethnic, cultural, and geographical diversity. The shrink of air link is going to affect the tourism sector that has capitalized on peace in the region.

Way out

  • Connecting the regions with aircraft that are specially designed for the actual purpose of the mission.
  • Attracting more manufacturers who seek to invest in the Indian aviation market.
  • Providing adequate incentives to the airlines to compensate for the issue of viability.
  • Special skill development initiatives for flight operation.


To save the tourism sector of the northeastern region, extend the diversity, the ethnic culture of that region, attract more foreign nationals to enjoy the natural beauty of that region, all problems should be solved with immediate effect. It will also secure India’s special feature of unity and diversity.

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