While taking examples of "Bali Jatra" and "celebration of Ramayana", discuss India's historical and cultural ties with countries in Southeast and East Asia. [Context: 2017 marked 25th anniversary of establishment of the ASEAN-India Dialogue Partnership]

Indias historical and cultural ties with the southeast asean and east asia
India is well-know for its world trading networks in early 200 BC. even dominating roman trading  through the indian ocean couldn’t stop the india getting stronger relationships with south east asian countries
“bali jatra” featival is famously celebrated in odissa by the people remembering the great voyage to bali by the oriya mariners (which belongs to indonesia) which sows the trading relationships with the indonesia even today ramayan is considered as the national epic of the indonesia
Not only indonesia but also malaysia, thailand, srilanka have thier own versions of the ramayana.even it gained more popularity in myanmar.
many cultural and economic ties between india and southeast asean countries can be found early 5th -6th century.
The southeast asean countries significantly indebted to india is  buddhism.and not only this they had great influence from indian civilization and even today we can see pictures of ramayan and mahabharat on the walls of the thailands wat phra khaew palace.
indian ocean and south china sea played pivotal role in trading relationship and connecting with the south east countries and ports like java, bali and central vietnam.
many southeast country and land names are taken from the indian languages like sanskrit and pali (indonesia means indian islands).sumatra (golden land).
To sustain same relations ties with the countries as used in history .countries decided to meet semiannually through ASEAN summit .ASEAN -INDIA Dialogue partnership started in the year of 1992 at 4 th summit of ASEAN summit in singapore  

 since the time in 1996 they became full dialogue partners ,summit partners in 2002,and strategic partners in 2012                  

  Present 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Asean -india Dialogue partnership.


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