What were the main features of Industrial revolution? Do you agree that Industrialization was at the root of competitive nationalism that led to great wars? Justify.

The Industrial Revolution had the following main features.

Firstly, industrialisation made more inventions and discoveries such as Spinning Jenny, Mule, Cotton Gin, Steam-engine, Flying shuttle, Water frame, Safety lamp and Power. Loom was the most significant ones in this regard.

Secondly, the ideology of capitalism came to replace the age-old and out-dated system of feudalism. A new capitalist class of industrialists and entrepreneurs came to replace the old feudal lords in European

Thirdly, with the growth of industrialisation, large number of rural people migrated to industrial centres in search of better means of livelihood. They joined the industries as workers and labourers. They had to, now, set up their new homes in industrial centres, away from their ancestral The governments were now bound to pass social legislation in favour of their living and working conditions.

Fourthly, it gave rise to certain difficulties and problems in the industrial centres. The problem of housing of workers, their health and sanitation needs, working conditions and an ever-increasing population of workers were problems to be attended Solutions to these have to be gradual, not over-night.

Fifthly, it led to an increase in production and sale of goods, as stated As a result, trade and commerce made rapid progress.

Sixthly, agriculture and industries became the two legs or the main pillars of economy. Gone were the days when European states depended only on agriculture for their survival and sustaining themselves.

Finally, industrialisation led to a competition among the nation-states of Europe. From industrialism to colonialism, from colonialism to commercialism, from commercialism to imperialism, from imperialism to militarism and from militarism to war were the natural and inevitable phases. Industrialisation lay at the root of competitive nationalism. This finally led to clash of interests and war among nations.


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