What was the indirect influence of the personalities and experience of Babar and Humayun on the subsequent art of India?

With regard to Babur and Humayun’s achievements in the field of architecture, Percy Brown sums them up as follows- “The material records which have survived of both Babur’s and Humayun’s contributions to the building art of the country are therefore almost negligible. On the other hand, the indirect influence of their personalities and experience on the subsequent art of the country cannot be overlooked. Babur’s marked aesthetic sense communicated to his successors, inspired them under more favourable conditions to the production of their finest achievements, while Humayun’s forced contact with the culture of the Safavids (rulers of Persia) is reflected in that Persian influence noticeable in many of the Mughal buildings which followed.”
Therefore, Babur and Humayun were indirect influences for generation of subsequent art by the Mughals.


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