What is the possibility of success of a change of stance of the Trump Presidency over the growing tensions with Iran in the region?

It is quite likely that Trump Presidency may repeat the mistakes of the previous US governments if the tensions in the Middle East failed to be contained. The possibility of a full-scale confrontation with Iran seems possible due to the presence of John Bolton who has always stood for a forced regime change in Iran. US had done the same mistake in case of Iraq in 2003 as a result of which Iraq had a massive setback and it had led to the emergence of Islamic State and an equally bad setback for US interests in the region.
If President Trump changes the whole course of action and comes up with a plan of mutual engagement with Iran just as he did in North Korea, there is a strong chance that he will succeed especially as Iran is not a totalitarian regime as North Korea. Iran has a well-marked civil and political society with a sophisticated government. Thus, the chance of breaking a deal with Iran is taller than the same in the case of North Korea.


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