What is the Heat Wave? Explain the after effects of Heat wave on living beings and also on the economy.

A heatwave is a period of excessively hot weather accompanied by high conditions of humidity. It is usually measured relative to the normal conditions of the weather of the area especially the normal temperatures of the season. The term is often applied in relation to the extraordinary spells of heat which may lead to crop failures, deaths due to hyperthermia and rampant power cuts due to excessive use of air conditioners. It is dangerous to human survival as it may overheat the body. Such conditions are detected by many forecasting instruments so that a warning call may be issued.
As per the technical definition, heatwave occurs when the daily maximum temperature of over 5 days exceeds the average maximum temperature by 5 degrees. Every nation has its own definition of a heatwave. These waves result when high pressure is formed and remains over a region for several days. It is common in summers as jet stream follows the sun. It is because of the above air is pushed towards the surface both warming and drying adiabatically. It is this warm air which causes a high level of inversion which caps the atmosphere as a dome, leading to trapping of high humid air below it


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