What is alter-globalisation? Do you think it's a viable alternative to globalisation? Justify your answer.

Alter-globalization is referred to as alternative globalization that is a social evolution whose main objective is to support global cooperation and interaction and at the same time, it opposes the negative effects of economic globalization. It looks forward to making a better and alternative variant to globalization. The tendency is not inclined to anti-globalization, but just lobbies and works towards improving the ills of globalization while actively promoting and encouraging its advantages.


The activists of Alter-globalization struggle for better operation in developing countries regarding economic upliftment, workers’ rights, fair trading, and human rights. They defend cases like labor exploitation, job outsourcing to foreign countries, environment pollution, and infliction to foreign cultures to which jobs are being outsourced.

Alternative to globalisation

Alter-globalisation highlights the adverse results from globalization that the world is fighting with. Economic globalization has appeared in a scenario where an ostensibly inconsequential event in one country results in repercussions of the world over.

  • This domino-like effect weaves together the global economy and its people. What affects one person affects us all. Hence, improving the adverse effects of globalization is the main interest.
  • On the other hand, bringing unprecedented growth and access, globalization has also expanded economic imbalance, a country’s vulnerability to external events, loss of the environment, etc.
  • The development of participatory and comprehensive international institutions will help to set the process of globalization on the right track. So all other movements with the same objectives must be promoted and encouraged.


Overall it could be said that the approach that encourages retaining the benefits of globalization and at the same time eliminates its difficulties is highly acceptable and must be at the least attempted to be executed.


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