What Institutional / Administrative changes would you suggest to balance the regional distribution of Medical Education in India? Discuss.

Medical education has always been among one of the most desired streams in India as it is associated with welfare activities. But the dream of serving the country as a doctor is facing hindrance due to some ongoing factors.


  • Lack of adequate seats
  • Lack of modern medical instruments
  • The emergence of private colleges with high fees structure
  • Absence of well knowledgeable professors in rural areas
  • Uneven distribution

Key reasons: Even with the limited number of seats, the government is enormously trying to provide the best facilities to the students. But even the effort is also going in vain.

Higher study in the medical field is still an issue in India. After completing the Bachelor’s degree, most of the students either shift their field of study or migrate to another country to pursue higher studies. It resembles an indirect process of the drain of wealth.


  • In order to ensure balanced regional distribution, new medical institutes have to set up in rural as well as urban areas.
  • Infrastructural development for higher studies in medical education will reduce the migration to another country.
  • A large proportion of medical seats are available in the southern part of India. It needs a national extension, especially in the East, North, and North East.
  • PPP model is also being encouraged to ensure quality education in every corner of the country.
  • Making Medical Education affordable for all to fulfill the needs of the country.
  • Periodic inspection of colleges to check if they are fulfilling the minimum requirements for approval.
  • Offering the latest technologies in treatment to the students will play a significant role in choosing between different colleges.

Providing medical education irrespective of the location, financial background, and attracting more talented students by the adoption of more advanced technology in rural areas will upgrade the whole medical system of India itself.


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