What in your view is the symbolism associated with the PM Modi�s visit to Maldives?

The second version of the Modi government has sent a strong message to the world about its neighbourhood first approach. Many leaders of the neighbouring countries were invited for the swearing-in ceremony of the Modi government. Modi�s first visit as a second PM to the Maldives reiterates this further. Many high-level contracts were also approved including the $800 million Line of Credit for various projects including the Cricket Stadium, Coastal Surveillance Radar System, water purification systems and for the National Defence Force of Maldives, a Composite Training Centre will be opened. The visit largely sends three loud messages to the world, i.e. the continuation of the high-level contacts with neighbours and foster people-to-people ties and also work as development partners. The visit also highlights the fact that New Delhi has realised the importance of strong neighbourhood ties especially when uncertainties loom due US-China trade tensions and in West Asia


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