What in your opinion are the five major security challenges which will be faced by the next Indian government?

After an extended season of election campaigning, the elections are finally coming to an end and nearing the declaration of the results. The issue of national security rose to unprecedented prominence in the elections which were a very new trend. New Delhi is now very near to its new guard. As soon as the new government is sworn-in, the major challenges which it will have to address immediately are:

  • Territorial ambitions of China which seem to have taken a back-seat at present due to deepening trade war with the US which has had a severe blow on its economy, yet the Chinese threat in the Indian Ocean cannot be ignored.
  • India has to ramp up its investment scene in Bangladesh, Myanmar and even Nepal. It also has to step up its opposition to CPEC, Belt Road initiatives of China.
  • The new government will have to make a lasting choice for The decision is vital as the latter can not only transform the defense sector but also the knowledge economy.
  • The system of defense procurements and acquisitions will need an urgent review and revisit.

Also, the recent introduction of ISIS in South Asia, India needs to demonstrate superior military equipment as the vulnerability of the region has definitely increased.


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