What does the Montreal Protocol deal with? Discuss its role in protecting Earth’s environment.

The Montreal Protocol deals with the protection of ozone layer in atmosphere. It was agreed upon and signed by 47 nations in September, 1987 in the city of Montreal, Canada. They agreed to stop emission and use of ozone depleting substances. This protocol identifies two types of chemicals as ozone depleting – CFC and Halons.

Ozone layer of the Earth is in danger and some preventive measures are necessary otherwise, the result will be danger to life, natural resources, environment, health, biodiversity and ecological balance.

This protocol aims at preventive measures to protect ozone layers of the Earth is the most important step in this direction. In 1998, it adopted a policy to completely stop production and use of CFCs in 15 years, by 2000 for the developed nations and 2010 for the developing nations. Under this protocol a global fund is established to aid those developing nations who cannot afford technological costs for alternative chemicals.


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