What do you understand by "value crisis"? Discuss various strategies for controlling value crisis in contemporary society.

Value crisis is when the practice of members of the society starts deviating from the values we hold dear. When there is a general acceptance of corrupt practices and unethical activities, then the society as a whole is in value crisis. It creates a new normal of acceptance of dishonesty, lies and immoral behavior. 
In the contemporary world, there has been gradual deterioration of moral and ethical moors. Things are being justified in terms of ends and opportunities. In India, we have started accepting retail corruption as normal and in fact justifying it. 
Strategies to control value crisis in the contemporary world are as follows:

  1. Parents should be made aware of the importance of raising children with right values and that they should themselves become role models for their children.
  2. Schools should have value lessons embedded in syllabus.
  3. Code of ethics for organizations. Right ethical conduct should be rewarded.
  4. The cost of unethical behavior should be made high by increasing punishment. Just increasing the punishment will not do. Implementation should also be proper.
  5. People who are generally the victims in the society should be made aware of their rights. Dalits and women should made aware of their rights and ways to register complaints and get justice.
  6. Popular leaders should use their appeal to inculcate good values in the society.

The downward spiraling ethical stock of the society need to be stopped and ethical standards should be raised. A prosperous society with no ethics is no good for anybody.

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