What do you understand by operational land holding? Discuss various types of Land Holdings in India.

Model Answer: An operational land holding is a techno-economic land unit used wholly or partly for agricultural production and operated (directed/managed) by one person alone or with the assistance of others, without regard to title, size or location.
A operation land holding may be consisted of either one or more than one parcels of land, provided they form the part of same unit.
Operational Land Holdings include only those units which are used either in farm production or farm production + livestock and poultry products (primary) and/or pisciculture or for only livestock and poultry products (primary) and/or pisciculture.
There are five kinds of Land Holdings in India, depending on various sizes as follows:

  • Marginal holdings: Size 1 hectare or less .
  • Small holdings: Size 1 to 2 hectares .
  • Semi-medium holdings : Size 2 to 4 hectares.
  • Medium holdings: Size 4 to 10 hectare.
  • Large holdings: Size above 10 hectare.

Maximum number of operational land holdings in India is marginal holdings. According to Census 2011, 67 per cent of holdings were classified as marginal (less than one hectare) and 18 per cent were classified as small (one-two hectare). Large holdings were estimated to be only 0.7%. (199 words)


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