What do you understand by "Development Partnership"? Critically analyze "development partnership" as cornerstone of India's economic ties in neighborhood and beyond.

Development partnership is policy adopted generally in international relations where the partnership between the two nations is to promote development through investment, trade, capacity building etc.
Development partnership is corner stone of India’s economic ties in neighbourhood:

  • India has considerably invested in hydropower and irrigation project in Nepal. It is also investing in social sectors like education, health etc.
  • A $4.5 bn Line of credit is being extended by India to Bangladesh to build infrastructure and investment in social sector.
  • A prosperous and stable neighborhood will help in India’s own economic growth.
  • Development partnership would help reduce the trust deficit between India and the neighbouring countries, arising due to disparity in economic and geographical size.
  • Infrastructure building in countries like Bangladesh and Myanmar would enhance India’s connectivity with its North-east.
  • Development partnership with countries like Afghanistan will help in rehabilitation and has created a goodwill for India.
  • Development partnership helps offset Chinese influence in these countries.


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