What do you understand by Community pharmacy? Discuss in the light of Pharmacy Practice Regulations-2015.

Currently, the pharmacists in India are only restricted to collection of prescription and dispensation the drugs, whereas in Western countries, they perform a patient-centric role. They practice the culture of community pharmacy wherein they are performing wider responsibility, broader role and better wages. Hence, many talented pharmacists flee away to western countries.
The newly formed Pharmacy Practice Regulations-2015 seeks to widen the role of pharmacists by bringing uniform ethics code and also broadening their roles and responsibilities towards patients.
These new regulations could boost the concept of community pharmacy in India. The new regulations could allow the pharmacist to review the patient’s medical history and doctor’s prescriptions. They can advise the patient in use of medicine and can take part in clinical decision making. The community pharmacy under the new regulations would also enable the pharmacists to take part in R&D, health awareness and promotional activities.
Therefore, the pharmacists will be performing a wider role and this would eventually curb the brain drain which is happening in India as they will be provided with ample opportunities within India itself.  (179 words)


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