What do you understand by cognitive computing? How can cognitive computing help human thinking and decision-making process?

Cognitive computing is a hybrid mix of cognitive science and computer science and provides a way to achieve artificial intelligence. Cognitive computing has the capability to assimilate problems related facts and to find solutions in human like approach. Cognitive computing based systems use learning algorithms to acquire knowledge for processing required information using data mining. Such systems are able to adapt and they are dynamic in nature, they can interact with the users and deliver reliable and current analysis based on user requirements.
The three core processes of HR domain are the talent acquisition, talent development and HR operations would get the most benefits from cognitive computing. With support from cognitive systems, talent acquisition team can sort multiple data sources and summarize unstructured data.
Cognitive systems have the capability to create customized career pathways and to identify learning objects based on competencies thus make learning more relevant.
With help of cognitive capabilities, HR operations are streamlined as accurate and up-to-date information is available for timely decision making.
Computer systems are trained to address the routine queries, thus freeing up the HR professionals to involve into more complex and challenging tasks. The cognitive system is capable to handle more variables as compared to human beings thus it can help human in better decision making and develop the ability to interpret complex and perplexing issues.
The major challenges with cognitive computing is that the intelligence of the cognitive systems are restricted to areas where they are trained and are unable to consider unstated socio economic, cultural factors.
Therefore the cognitive systems should be seen as support for human function rather than replacement of human touch. The scope of present cognitive technology is limited to support human thinking.


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