What are your views regarding the extent of user vulnerability in digital media?

The recent hiccup in the promised security by the Facebook-owned WhatsApp has caused many ripples in the market.

  • Despite the promise of end-to-end encryption by the company, the recent intrusion by the hackers banking on a particular flaw in the latter and the phones of specific categories of people like lawyers, journalists, rights activists, etc. were targeted.
  • The snag has again brought to light the least that has been done by the government to ensure cybersecurity in the country and the lack of legislation to deal with such cases.
  • There has been a general laxity in the area despite the growth of cyber facilities in the country. The stealing of online information by the hackers for trading and exploitation has once again exposed the vulnerability of the Indian businesses.

Thus, the suitable legislations are passed and the notion of the internet becomes more prominent in government circles the companies should take steps like continuously updating their software and systems in addition to posting no sensitive information on the web are the quick rescues to save your data from any hacking attack.


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