What are various insurgent groups active in Nagaland? Which of them are currently in peace talks with Government? Discuss the progress made so far towards restoration of peace in Nagaland.

Model Answer:
The various insurgent groups active in Nagaland are NSCN-IM (Nationalist socialist council of Nagaland- Isak-Muivah), NSCN (KK) or Khole-Kitovi, NSCN (K) Khaplang and NNC (Naga National council).
Like many other small sovereign states before the arrival of British, the Nagas were also free people.The present Nagaland state is a result of British confiscation of the state during the early period. The present Nagaland state is home to the Naga people, who did not have any strong social, legal, cultural, commercial or political relation with rest of the India. A number of events happened since 1970s to establish peace in the region, starting from signing of the Shillong Accord on November 11, 1975 to present Naga Accord signed in 2015.The historic Naga Peace Accord signed with Narendra Modi government, states the following points:

  • Both the parties agreed that the sovereignty of the Nagas lies with the Naga people and sovereignty of India lies with the Indian people.
  • With a view to solving the Indo-Naga political problem both the parties agreed to share sovereign power for an enduring and peaceful co-existence of the two entities.
  • The agreement also says that land and its resources of both below and above the earth totally belong to the Nagas.
  • The Nagas will have the right to exercise their sovereign power over their territories.
  • Nagas identity needs to be recognized to protect them from the danger of assimilation, aggression and annexation by any other states.


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