What are the current contours of India-Jordan Relations?

Jordan can be more than a transit point in diplomatic relations for India. India and Jordan relations can be driven by

  • Transit: Due to sensitivity India needs entry through third country for Palestine. Jordan can provide access for Palestine.
  • Palestine: Peaceful resolution of the Israel and Palestine conflict is a pre-requisite for the peace and Stability in the Middle East. India has a historic commitment towards Palestine and Jordan lies in the neighbourhood of Palestine and Israel. Thus providing for common interests.
  • Terrorism: Jordan and India can be partners to fight the religious fundamentalism. Both India and Jordan have large Muslim population. An effective cooperation between India and Jordan can be plus point in fight against terrorism and religious fundamentalism.
  • Trade: India is the fourth largest trading partner of Jordan. India has favourable trade with Jordan. Jordan also offers avenues for cooperation in the areas like fertilizers which is critical for India.
  • Diplomacy: Middle East is facing a turbulent phase. Middle East also houses large number of Indian migrants. Jordan is one of the few countries which have cordial relations with Israel, Saudi Arabia and other countries of the region. This would aid in early excavations of Indian migrants in case of escalations to war.

India is scripting a new dimension towards west Asia with Think west strategy. West Asia is now seen as a Strong player being capable of fundamentally changing the growth trajectory of India. This makes Jordan a natural ally for India.


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