What are the critical issues being faced by Indian army in current times. Discuss while suggesting steps to tackle issues that should get highest priority.

Published: January 6, 2017

 The issues which plague our Indian Army are as follows-

  • Restoring the intrinsic strength of unity in the Indian army.
  • Reignite the fervour of oneness in the “rank and file”.
  • Slow development of border infrastructure and road-rail linkages along the northern borders.
  • Restructuring the Border Road Organisation.
  • Benchmarking financial allocations for developmental works.
  • Efficient use of available human resource.
  • Slow pace of modernisation.
  • Army’s capability is seriously affected by delays in procurement.

Measures in this regard are-

  • Periodical upgradation of existing equipment to handle the current challenges.
  • Continuous modernization of the force by gradual induction of latest equipment for giving a futuristic outlook to the army.
  • The revised offset policy is a welcome step as it includes technology transfer as part of the offsets. Since offsets are not free of cost, the government must ensure drawing maximum value from offset provisions.
  • Adequate training of human resources.
  • Lack of basic tools such as a well-equipped reference library denies the officers essential knowledge for functioning efficiently. Governments will in this aspect will help the army go a long way.