Discuss the significance of the recently launched metal index (METLDEX) and bullion index (BULLDEX) in strengthening commodity derivatives trading and price discovery in India.

The launch of metal index METLDEX and bullion index BULLDEX by leading commodity exchange MCX carries immense significance for commodity derivatives and the wider Indian metals industry.

  • Firstly, METLDEX tracks real-time performance of a basket of five base metals – zinc, copper, nickel, aluminium and lead. It will provide the Indian metal industry with an accurate domestic price benchmark rather than depending on London Metal Exchange. METLDEX futures will aid price discovery, risk management and portfolio diversification.
  • Secondly, BULLDEX tracks gold and silver futures contracts with 70:30 weightage. It will enable portfolio optimisation for investors to hedge inflation risks. The index can replicate gold’s safe haven appeal in times of economic uncertainty.
  • The indexed products address key issues in commodity trading – high volatility, lack of diversification avenues and opaque price discovery. The indices package the risk-return profile of various commodities for easy access. This encourages wider passive and thematic investment from retail participants based on economic cycles rather than analysing individual metals.
  • Moreover, the indices enhance transparency, price reliability and market depth for stakeholders across the metals value chain. Miners can discover better ore prices while corporates can hedge input procurement costs. Jewellers can hedge inventory.

Thus METLDEX and BULLDEX usher commodity markets towards maturity in better serving the metals industry. Their adoption will aid India’s vision of being a price setter in global commodities. It reaffirms MCX’s thought leadership in Indian commodity derivatives.


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