What are major reasons for declining rice and wheat yield in the cropping system? How crop diversification is helpful to stabilize the yield of crops in the system?

Different types of agricultural patterns are found in India. Especially, in the northern region of India, Rice and wheat pattern was dominant in nature. But in recent times due to various reasons, a declining trend of rice and wheat yield in the cropping system has been noticed.


  • Soil fertility has decreased due to the absence of proper mineral content, adequate humidity, absence of organic compounds.
  • Climate Change and global warming directly affect weather conditions like rain. It also impacts the soil fertility and adequate moisture content of the soil.
  • Multiple states are facing a water crisis due to drought and groundwater depletion.
  • Lack of proper agricultural practices and methods.


Way out

  • Restoration of soil fertility as per the suitable requirement of the crops.
  • Proper crop diversification for maintaining the soil fertility and reduction of dependency of resources.
  • Proper planning by considering the possible effects of climate change and adverse weather conditions.
  • Proper crop rotation could save the groundwater reserve.


These are the major reasons for declining rice and wheat yield in the cropping system. Crop diversification is needed in India to introduce necessary changes that help the overall production.


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