What are digital pills? How do they work?

Digital pills are the latest technological development in the field of medicine. They are more than just a medicine and include a sensor that can travel safely through the body and communicate with some kind of external device, like an app or a wearable patch.The pill contains a minuscule chip which is made of magnesium, silicon, and copper that can send information from inside the body to an adhesive patch that’s placed on a patient’s torso. The patch can send data to a doctor’s office, as well as to a special smart-phone app for those who wish to monitor themselves, until the chip is naturally digested.
The biggest pro of the digital pill is the ability to track drug use. In cases where it’s vital for patients to take a medication on a regular schedule, a digital pill would allow a physician to be alerted to a missed dose. It sends signals to the doctor whenever his/her patient is taking or not taking medicine so as to plan his treatment further. Digital pills may help tackle the perennial challenge of getting people to take their medications as they are supposed to.It has its own cons too as it creates issue of privacy breach and technology creates the impression that the patient is being watched by a third party and hence, it should be used carefully.


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