What are bots? How are they capable of transforming the shape of technology? Discuss.

Bots or virtual robots technically are a set of algorithms which are designed for doing automated tasks that requires running scripts over the internet. They are basically applications that perform simple and repetitive tasks efficiently and quickly, with greater expertise than humanly possible and hence are part of Artificial Intelligence technology which is considered to be future of technological development. In daily life what we use as Siri in Apple products, or Cortana in Microsoft are all from the bots family.
Bots are phenomenal as they are capable of transforming technology. Bots help the users to get important information and also answer all their queries efficiently on a go. They even talk to their users through Artificial Intelligence programming and satisfy their queries. If used judiciously, bots also help in cyber security and dealing with any malicious activities over the internet. It will be a path-breaking technological development if banks introduce bots in ATMs or related machines so as to help people with different languages or visually impaired people. They are also used in instant chats and messaging apps and are successfully being used by the customer care services. But all these benefits are possible if bots are used judiciously as it has its own cons. Bots are malicious as well and hence are harmful. It caninfectthe userand can gather passwords, log keystrokes, obtain financial information, relay spam, and exploit back doors opened by viruses and worms, among other things.


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