One of the aims of the governance is to ensure that the activities of an organization are run in an efficient manner to attain its predesigned objectives. To what extent, Big Data can be helpful in this direction? With suitable examples, discuss its importance in private as well as public sector.

Big data refers to extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations especially relating to human behavior and interactions. Governance aims to ensure the activities of an organization are run in an efficient manner to attain its predesigned objectives. Therefore, Big data can be big aid in governance in both private sector and public sector.
Private Sector

  • Studying the causes for gaps in governance. It will also aid in coming up with an action plan to fill the gap by studying the various aspects which are driving the governance of the organisation.
  • Coming up with policies by studying the market and factors of delivery. Thus aiding in increasing the customer base and customer satisfaction.
  • Coupled with Artificial Intelligence Big data can aid in automating the repetitive and mundane activities of an organization resulting in enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Public sector

  • Ensuring of timely delivery of service by automating the process driven by big data. Ex: Automated transfer of pensions, salaries, scholarship using Aadhar.
  • Designing the policies and planning of projects ex: traffic management.
  • Facilitating e-governance and monitoring the performance of schemes and projects on real time basis. Ex: geo-tagging of assets under MNREGA
  • Facilitating early warning systems, designing and implementing disaster management systems.
  • Combating wrongdoings: By studying and integrating the data from the various regulatory agents’ big data can aid in bringing the wrong doers to book. Ex: Project Insights of IT department

Data is oil of 21st century.  Big data can be trusted aid in facilitating efficient governance.


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