True entrepreneurs don't need government support. Discuss critically.

True entrepreneurs are driven by self motivation and they possess the necessary talent to undertake new initiatives.
They do not require any sort of concession or special treatment from government’s end to give them a start.
A true entrepreneur needs the drive from within, an innovative mind, being inspired, a focus to be focused on and being independent to follow one’s own dream.
Government’s initiatives like SETU, AIM, Start-Up Stand-Up India are mere guiding stones to enable one to reach his/her goal and destiny but the initial jerk must come from self.
However, being solely true entrepreneurial and ambitious may not necessarily make one a successful entrepreneur. In such situation, government support plays helpful and their schemes are of utmost importance.
Schemes like Start-Up and Stand-Up India can be of utmost help for true entrepreneurs if their paths seem hurdled.


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