"Traditionally, the output of marine fisheries used to be higher than that of inland fisheries. However, since 1991, India's Inland fish production has increased gradually."Examine

Hint Answer: The main reason is that the marine fisheries production has ceased to grow while inland fisheries continues to grow. The marine fisheries has not grown because the fisheries activity has confined to near coastal waters i.e. it has over tapped the fisheries within 50 meters from seashore. The deep sea fishing activity is low due to inadequatedeep-sea fishing vessels. Thus, if we want to grow marine fish production, we need to input huge investments in the deep sea fishing.
On the other hand, potential of inland aquaculture is still untapped in India. Given that India has large number of water bodies, reservoirs, lakes, ponds etc. the Inland aquaculture holds the key to the blue revolution in the country.


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